JSON Feed, RSS And Atom full support

feed-io supports JSON Feed RSS and Atom specifications. As such, you can use it to read and write medias in your feeds (known as 'enclosures' in RSS specification), specify an author, etc ...

You can also use generic objects to extend the specification the way you want.

Command Line Client

feed-io comes with and embedded command line client. It allows you to read feeds from the command line, which can be handy when you need to test things.

PSR Compliant Logging

Logging complies to PSR-3 standards in order to let you use your favorite logger

Content filtering and fixing

Filtering rules allow you to filter news inside a feed. The most common rule is a modified since filter that becomes necessary when you need to fetch only the most recent items. The main class comes with an helper for it, the readSince() method.

Some feeds are not respecting standards on every aspects. For instance, some of them are using wrong date formats and feed-io is able to detect it and fix it for you.

You can define your own filters and fixers, please refer to the documentation if you need so.