Read and write news feed in your PHP Application

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use \FeedIo\Factory;

$feedIo = Factory::create()->getFeedIo();
$result = $feedIo->read('http://php.net/feed.atom');

echo "feed title : {$result->getFeed()->getTitle()} \n";
foreach ($result->getFeed() as $item) {
    echo "{$item->getLastModified()->format(\DateTime::ATOM)} : {$item->getTitle()} \n";
    echo "{$item->getDescription()} \n";


feed-io is a PHP library built to consume and serve JSON Feed / RSS / Atom feeds. It is compliant with every modern PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, Slim, Silex and so on. It uses Guzzle to fetch XML streams and relies on PSR-3 standards for logging.


RSS, Atom and ...


JSON Feed support

command line client

high level of quality

PSR compliant logging

Content filtering


                    $ composer require debril/feed-io

Requirements and Compatibilites

feed-io requires only one system dependency : PHP 5.6 or higher. The dependencies it relies on are Guzzle and PSR-3, which are managed through Composer.

It is tested with several PHP versions : 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1

Quality Metrics


Scrutinizer Scrutinizer scans the code and searches for issues like bugs and complex blocks. Then it rates the project according to the problems found.

Code Coverage

Code coverage feed-io is covered by more than 200 unit tests in order to guarantee its stability.

Sensio labs Insight

Sensio Labs Insight is another quality check tool, focused on PHP specificities and it also tracks security issues.

Open Source

feed-io is licensed under the MIT License and published through Github